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The DECOREC team in front of its alpine factory

Discover Decorec: a bar-turning and grinding operations company

About us

Located in Haute-Savoie, our company Decorec brings together a team of about 50 people. 
We specialize in: 

1.    Bar-turning: machining of high-precision mechanical parts.
2.    Grinding: operation to adjust parts to obtain surface finishes or very tight tolerances. 

We manufacture in quantities from prototype parts to very large series.  

Certified IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001, for over 20 years, our processes are well established and proven thanks to the requirements of automotive standards.   

We operate nationally as well as internationally: 37 % of our turnover is generated by exports.

DECOREC builds solid relationships with its clients 

Collaborative efforts

We strive to work in collaboration with our customers to understand the environment of their parts and their problems. We share with them our manufacturing constraints.

The objective: a detailed mutual knowledge that ensures the success of manufacturing on an industrial scale.

Our responsiveness and availability

Our monitoring method ensures the conduct of projects with confidence.

Our social and environmental responsibility as an industrial company

We grow together with our workforce through shared empowerment

Within Decorec, we see the company as a place where everyone takes pride and feels rewarded in their work. In this sense, our corporate values are written by all the employees.  

We support local employment and retaining industrial activity in France

With Decorec, we defend the employment of 50 staff in the French industrial sector.

This support is also demonstrated by our involvement in the Confederation of National Metallurgical Trade Unions.

We transform the word globalisation into a positive notion

Sharing the wealth enjoyed by Europe with children in hardship is our understanding of globalisation.

For over 10 years, we financially support 4 organisations: 

  1. Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, in Cambodia.
  2. Terr’Ativa, in Brazil.
  3. Média Espoir, in Rwanda.
  4. 82–4000 Solidaires, in France.

These organisations assist in children’s education.

We are commited to reduce our environmental footprint

As part of our action, our new extension has been thought out to minimise its impact. 

  1. Since 2018, a filtering and regenerating system allows the capture and recycling of oil mist.
  2. The roof covering is white so that less heat from the sun is absorbed.
  3. Our machines are cooled by cold water generated by a free-cooling heat pump (ventilation during cold spells). This reduces the use of compressors and thus saves energy.

DECOREC is committed to a CSR approach that aims to reduce its CO² emissions.

Discover our environmental and quality policy.

Throughout my career, I have seen that employees who are fulfilled, motivated and empowered by participatory management contribute more to the success of the company than employees who are under excessive pressure.
Damien Aguesse, C.E.O.

DECOREC builds a close relationship with its ecosystem

Understanding the other’s problem, their world and their stakes helps to build constructive relationships. This is why, as with our customers and employees, relationships with our suppliers are humanistic and empathetic.

In the Arve Valley, we participate in various initiatives to boost the ecosystem:

  1. Interdec G.I.E.
  2. Chambre syndicale de la Métallurgie (CSM)
  3. Cluster CARA (European Cluster for mobility solutions)
  4. Les Forces Industrielles des Pays de Savoie (F.I.P.S.)

And tomorrow? 

We don’t know what tomorrow will be made of. Our world and society are constantly changing.  

On the other hand, we are certain that we want to adapt, evolve our activity and our business model to follow through these changes.

Our desire: 

  • to support the change in how cars are used.
  • continue to control our core business while responding to environmental challenges: consume less, but better and more sustainable. 
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