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Mountains of the French Alps from the premises of DECOREC

Environmental and quality policy

Concerned about a balance between growth through markets and customers, the necessary economic profitability and environmentally friendly societal development, our employees have together built and adapted the raison d’être of our company by aiming for sustainable local development through these two statements:

« Decorec produces high quality turned and ground parts and develops innovative and competitive solutions in partnership with its customers, while simultaneously reducing its environmental impact. »
« To feel good at DECOREC, employees get involved and work together in mutual respect, cohesion and solidarity. »

DECOREC thus integrates all the technologies necessary to make its products: Design and simulation, technical advising, single- or multi-spindle bar-turning, centerless grinding, lapping, assembly, finishing and special milling operations, vibratory finishing. Only thermal and surface treatments are subcontracted out.

Our strategy and activities are carried out in conjunction with the stakeholders involved, including of course our CUSTOMERS, by listening to their expectations and their evolutions. We rely on a quality and environmental management system certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 standards.  

DECOREC team in front of its turning and grinding plant

Anxious to respect the regulations and the requirements of our stakeholders, but also to protect the environment, by preventing pollution, reducing our impact and respecting our ecosystem, we are committed in creating value, to:

  • Develop our markets
    through creative contribution and collaboration with our CUSTOMERS from product design, being attentive to any development opportunity and applying marketing techniques.
  • Demonstrate innovation and technicality through proactive evolution, by innovation
    from all involved and from the project outset in order to contribute to the overall performance of the company and our CUSTOMERS, by actively engaging in change, and by financial investment in latest generation methods increasingly more respectful of the environment.
  • Aim for operational excellence
    by implementing the principles of subsidiarity and mutual solidarity, applying the defined methods, mastering our means to gain in safety, efficiency, reliability and quality over time, and constantly improving to gain in competitiveness, responsiveness, security and serenity.
  • Take part in the organization and management
    by a constructive responsibility, respecting the decisions taken and rules established, and by proposing changes to the organization.
  • Develop our technical and soft skills
    to develop autonomy and versatility, by training ourselves, and, from precise facts, by transforming each problem or error into an opportunity to learn and leverage our know-how.
  • Build « win-win » relationships
    by refusing and denouncing any corruption, having high ethical standards and on the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity, both internally and with our customers, suppliers and all external bodies.
  • Put people at the heart of the company
    through collaborative management based on trust and through a common vision and shared values, the pillar of which is « living together », based on listening, respect, learning from others, and, finally, the recognition and celebration of success.

Amancy, April 6th 2021 – Damien AGUESSE – CEO

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