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Bar-turning for the electrical / electrotechnical / e-Mobility

Bar-turning for the electrical / electrotechnical / e-Mobility

Develop more energy efficient solutions and integrate electronics, digitalisation and miniaturisation. These are the challenges faced by bar-turning for the electrical and electrotechnical industries.

DECOREC supports you in the bar-turning of your precision engineered parts for electrical and electrotechnical applications.

Why work with DECOREC?

You wish to:

  • Meet ever stricter quality requirements AND ensure high volumes.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Innovate AND anticipate evolutions within this extremely competetive market.
  • Build a longterm relationship with a local partner AND meet RoHS requirements put in place by the European Union.

Work together with DECOREC

It’s the promise of:

  • One shot design thanks to our global approach. 
    45 years of industrial experience.
  • A guarantee of the conformity and quality of your products to ensure AQF/AQP delivery according to our ISO 9001 certification.
    Certified ISO 9001 since 1999. 
  • Improve product design and benefit from strong technical skills.
    Opportunities that lead to patents.
  • Partnership with a company able to deliver internationally.
    45 % of turnover for the export market.

Discover our support

The pros
Over 30 years of experience in machining pure iron and brass parts for the electrical and electrotechnical markets.

Our support in bar-turning for electrical & electrotechnical parts

Whether for new projects or series production our support includes several phases:

  • Design or design improvement 
  • Manufacturing: bar-turning, grinding
  • Finishing operations: sand-blasting, shot-peening, sorting
  • Assembly
  • Supply chain 

Discuss together your projects in electrical/electrotechnical bar-turning…

Discuss together your projects of bar-turning for the electrical / electrotechnical / e-Mobility

Our control of the complete value chain allows us to improve our responsiveness and ensure better cost control. We respect the criteria of cleanliness thanks to our high-performance equipment: specific cleaning machines, particles extractor and scanner. We have inspection and measuring devices to ensure the conformity of the parts.

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Our specialities

Discover our parts for the electrical & electrotechnical industry: 

  • Axes for electric meters
  • Electrical board screws
  • Cores
  • Connection clamps
  • Sleeves 
  • Plugs 

Some specifications:

  • Materials: Pure iron, brass (CW603N, CW614N…), steels for bar-turning (1.0737, 1.0765)
  • Length 20 to 150 mm and external diameter Ra 0.6
  • Run sizes: 3,000 to 200,000 parts
parts for the electrical & electrotechnical industry

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