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Bar-turning for thermal control

Bar-turning for thermal control

Meeting the current and future needs of new modes of mobility and the growing requirements of sanitary standards: these are the major challenges raised by bar-turning in the thermocontrol industry.

DECOREC supports you in the bar-turning of precision mechanical parts for thermal control use.

Why work with DECOREC?

You want to:

  • Meet ever demanding quality requirements AND deliver high volumes.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Innovate BY anticipating evolutions of this fast-moving market.
  • Build a longterm relationship with a local partner AND meet RoHS requirements put in place by the European Union.

Work together with DECOREC

It’s the promise of:

  • One shot design thanks to our global approach and 45 years of industrial experience.
  • A guarantee of the conformity and quality of your products thanks to the the reliability of the whole of our process  structured following our experience in the automobile industry.
  • Meet size reduction constraints with our innovative solutions.

Discover our support

Work together with DECOREC
The pros
Over 40 years of experience in machining steel, brass and lead-free brass for the thermal control industry.

Our support in bar-turning for thermal control applications

Whether for new projects or series production, our support includes several phases:

  • Design or design improvement 
  • Manufacturing: bar-turning, grinding
  • Finishing operations: sand-blasting, shot-peening, sorting
  • Assembly
  • Supply chain 

Discuss together your projects in bar-turning for thermal control

Our control of the complete value chain allows us to improve our responsiveness and ensure better cost control. We respect the criteria of cleanliness thanks to our high-performance equipment: specific cleaning machines, particles extractor and scanner. We have inspection and measuring devices to ensure the conformity of the parts.

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Our specialities

Some examples of parts that we make for the thermal control industry:

  • Guides
  • Cups
  • Nozzles
  • Valves

Some specifications:

  • Materials:  Steel  1.4305 , brass CW603N, CW614N, lead-free brass, other types possible
  • Diameter: Ø 51 mm max
  • Tolerance +/- 5 μm 
  • Roughness (Ra <0.4) 
  • Series size: 2,000 to 400,000 parts
Bar turning of parts for the thermoregulation industry

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