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Car industry: filter optimisation, within the injectors

Our car industry OEM client, specialised in engines, manufactures injectors.

The dual challenge of OEM engine manufacturers

The OEMs have to find technical solutions in order to: 

  • Conform to Euro 7 requirements, more and more strict
  • Reduce fuel consumption by:
    • Higher injection pressure to ensure better fuel diffusion
    • Improved filtration to avoid injector blockage
Le double enjeu des équipementiers motoristes

Reconcile engine power with reduced fuel consumption

Custumer requirements:

  • Reduce pressure loss caused by a filter and maintain a high injection pressure
  • Reduce fuel consumption without compromising engine power
  • Reduce sensitivity to impurities without blocking the injector function which would cause engine failure

DECOREC has to meet the following objectives: 

  • Improve filtering capability
  • Reduce by 50% pressure loss due to the filter
Concilier puissance du moteur et réduction de la consommation
Our diagnosis
Our design office carries out simulations in fluid mechanics (CFD): we identify the turbulant zones of the filter which create the most pressure loss.

A dual-development project

  • A partnership agreement is put in place with a non disclosure clause.
  • A project management with fixed milestones: 
    • 3 months of development with 2 meetings per month with the OEM. 
    • 1 internal brainstorming session with R&D and methods departments. 
    • 2 rounds of optimisation by CFD to validate a solution with a latest generation 2 dimensional filter.

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Steering team of a bar turning machine

Results: bring together quality of filtration and reduce load loss

  • Improved design: over 3,000 laser-made holes  Ø 60 µm
  • Load loss reduced by 80%
  • No change in filter size

Pressure loss VS flow

250 bar with 16 liters / minute VS 100 bar with 16 liters / minute


Uncutting of the filter before optimization


Uncutting of the filter after optimization


Final engine filter part
The most important was that we were able to validate our engines and the whole injection system and at the same time respect the development programme deadlines.
T.N. – Supplier quality engineer for an automotive OEM.

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For over 30 years, DECOREC has been assisting major car industry OEMs.

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