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Grinding: in-house capability for both
bar-turning and grinding operations

Our customer, an equipment manufacturer, designs and manufactures fuel lines for the automotive and off-road sectors.

Added value chain at stake

Faced with the increasingly complex mechanical systems, each actor specialises in their trade. The customer relies on several suppliers for the components that can not be made internally.  They select partners able to:

  • Produce parts that meet the specifications over the long term.
  • Integrate and control key processes.

Reconcile technical control, quality and economic performance 

Our customer wants to find a supplier able to carry out both bar-turning and grinding operations on parts that are newly required by the OEM. 

DECOREC must meet the following objectives: 

  • Show it is available and reactive following delays caused by an incumbent supplier.
  • Prove its expertise in grinding operations.
Our diagnostic
After technical analysis of the part drawing, our planning department proposes some changes to improve the feasibility of the grinding operation. The customer retains our proposals which are simulated digitally and validated.

A co-development project

  • Project management within the deadline: 
    • 6 weeks for pre-series parts.
    • 1 succesful validation phase by our customer.
    • 6 weeks to provide initial samples and submit the PPAP file.

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Result: combine design strength and reliability of the production process

Improved design and feasability

  • Cpk > 1.67 on the main dimensions of the part, especially those grinded.
  • 0 ppm guarantee through in-house process control and ensured by 100% automated sorting within DECOREC.

Leadtimes controlled

  • Pre-series and initial samples delivered on-time according to the customer’s milestones.

Our customer succeeds in delivering their project for a strategic OEM. 

With the success of this project our standing is reinforced at this strategic client. We appreciated the clear communication, availability and reactivity by our contacts at DECOREC, as well as their knowhow, especially concerning grinding operations.
M.J. - Car Equipment Manufacturer Buyer.

Let’s collaborate on your grinding and bar-turning projects

For over 40 years, DECOREC supports its clients thanks to its in-house skills in grinding operations.

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Our grinding solutions

Grinding operations
DECOREC supports you in the grinding of your precision mechanical parts, following bar-turning within our plant.
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