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Medical devices: propose better productivity by improving product and process

Our customer designs, manufactures and integrates dosing pumps for the medical sector.

Partnership relations at stake

Our client buys out a dosing pump manufacturer, who we supply with pistons. They are not aware of the co-development relationship that has been in place since 2014. Spontaneously, we propose that the improvements that we have brought to a new piston are implemented on the full range of products.

Reconcile technical expertise, quality and economic performance

Our client wishes to:

  • Meet increasing market demand in the context of the health crisis.
  • Remain market leader in the diagnostic machine sector. 

DECOREC wants to develop and strengthen its relationship with the client. We must also demonstrate our ability to support it on a technical level.

Our diagnostic
After comparing the various pistons, our design offices identify areas for progress, with some adjustments.

A co-development project

  • We present our approach and the envisaged avenues for improvement.
  • Our client selects the proposals that best meet their requirements.
  • We draw up plans and make some parts to demonstrate our proposals.

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Result: simplified design and cost savings

  • Improved design and controlled feasibility: 
    • Replace a specific part with a standard pin
    • Reduce machining and mounting time 
  • Optimised costs:
    • Overall gain of 10% 


Medical pin piece before optimization


Medical pin part after optimization

Our client achieves his increase in production and improves profitability.

We really appreciated the proactive and spontaneous approach of the DECOREC team. The modifications proposed have led to improved production cycle times. Increased responsiveness answered the strong market demand, due to the health crisis.
N.V. - Project buyer for a diagnostic machines OEM.

Let’s collaborate on your medical devices bar-turning projects

For more than 10 years, DECOREC has been helping its medical device clients with its industrial knowhow.

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Our bar-turning solutions

Bar turning in the medical industry
Guaranteeing patient safety means ensuring the reliability and quality of increasingly controlled products. This is the major challenge to be met by bar-turning in the medical industry.
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