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A human adventure

A team that is both technical and creative to write the most beautiful storylines…

Located since 1976 in the Arve Valley, DECOREC is above all a story of women and men.

Each employee focuses their attention on the quality and organization of the company in addition to their own conscientious work in order to provide customers with a higher level of satisfaction.

Our customers become long-term partners:

  • DECOREC collaborates upstream of our customers’ projects to strengthen performance and competitiveness. Our engineering department routinely works with customers to find cost-effective solutions that will answer their needs;
  • DECOREC focuses on demonstrating reliability and earning the trust of our customers through close collaboration and excellent services.

In a world of constant competition and ever-evolving challenges, it’s important to surround ourselves with the right partners: We remain at your disposal to answer questions and provide guidance for the duration of your project(s) by advising you with expertise and professionalism.


Convinced that each person is unique, DECOREC ensures:

  • The integration of disabled people (regulation: 6%; our workforce: 15%)
  • The promotion of professional equality between men and women (EGAPRO Index 2021: 63.5%)
  • The fostering of cultural diversity, which we believe makes us stronger (10 different nationalities among 50 employees)


Our social responsibility leads us to:


  • Favor local sourcing.
  • Offer long-term support to NGOs promoting the education and environmental awareness of disadvantaged children on three continents.

and an environmental one.

Because development only makes sense if it is sustainable…

DECOREC supplies parts that not only enhance the work of our customers, but also reduce their footprint, thanks to better energy efficiency.

In house, as a part of our ISO 14001 certification since 2010, we have implemented programs to reduce the consumption of energy, water and materials; maximize waste recycling; eliminate hazardous materials; and streamline logistics and packaging.

We are ready to take up the most ambitious challenges — with you and for you.

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