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Grinding operations

Grinding operations

DECOREC supports you in the grinding of your precision mechanical parts, following bar-turning within our plant.
We were looking for a supplier who could carry out turning and grinding operations in-house, in order to meet our needs for complex precision parts. 
M.J. - Car Equipment Manufacturer Buyer.

Why work with DECOREC?

You want to:

Obtain dimensional AND geometric tolerances with very high accuracy within  +/- 5 μm.

Improve surface state of your part to Ra <0.2  AND ensure the proper function of your sub-assembly.

Build up a lasting relationship with a local partner AND be able to deliver internationally.

Work together with DECOREC

Rectification équipe

Its the promise to have a sole partner who can master in-house the process from A to Z.

Improve technologically

Having an overall vision of the whole process ensures a better workflow: testing, adjusting and feedback done together in the bar-turning and grinding workshops. 

Reduce costs 

One unique manufacturer so no hidden extras of sub-contracting nor logistics.  

Optimise leadtimes

No external transport between bar-turning and grinding operations.

Co-operate with a partner able to improve and/or design dedicated machines

Parts handling is automised in-house thanks to a system developped by our own design office.

The pros
For over 30 years we are experts in centreless grinding operations, both in-feed and plunge, as well as lapping of parts for diverse markets: automobile, medical, etc. From 1,000 parts to 7 million parts ground every year.

Some specifications

Some examples of parts that we grind for the automobile and medical sectors:

  • Filters
  • Throttles
  • Ball joints
  • Valve stems
  • Pistons

Technical characteristics of machining

  • Materials:  Steels for bar-turning 1.0758, 1.0762, 1.3505, stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4104, brass CW603N, CW614N, lead-free brass, other variations possible
  • Diameter: from 2 to 51 mm
  • Tolerance +/- 5 μm with Cpk > 1.67
  • Roughness Ra <0.2 
  • Series size: 2,000 to 400,000 parts
Mechanical parts grinded

Case study

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